Welcome to my blog

println!("Hello World!");

As a learning rustacean, I've chosen to start this blog with a classic, but rustic (has this joke been made before?), Hello World!

Bad programming jokes aside, I will use this blog to write posts about tech, music, states of mind, opinions, etc. Maybe I'll even do one about beer 🍺! In reality, I don't quite have any idea what I will write about, maybe about everything and maybe about nothing. But I'll certainly try to write about something, even if it is an excuse to fuel my creative side!

As an engineer, I often consider myself too analytic in the creative process. Not that it is a bad thing, it's just something that is part of me and that I am aware of. It is not for no reason that I've decided to focus on backend development, as problem-solving is my jam! However, if it involves designing, I'll probably rely a lot on the "inspiration" phase, which roughly translates to "look at other designs and rip off all the good ideas". Again, this is also not a bad thing - I think - but it means that my creative work will never be truly original and be based on building on what's good ✨ out there ✨.

In the end, my admiration for the creative process of artists, designers and writers is immeasurable. It's something that can be easily noticed by looking at the amount of music I listen to and concerts that I go to, but it goes way beyond that! We all have some sort of creativity within us, but some people are so much better at using it and that makes them amazing. And I hope that by creating this blog I can practice that, expand my creative side and that you enjoy this journey I am embarking on.

See you in the next post! ✌

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